Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chiling Falls, Kuala Kubu Baru

Yesterday after a long while I went out with some friends to check out a new outdoor site. Woon and Lam were kind enough to guide GavOLoon and myself to this quaint picnic spot in the every cool Kuala Kubu Baru district.

The entrance to the Chiling River Fish Sanctuary. It's on the right just after the little steel bridge from Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) on the way to Frasier's Hill. There is some unofficial space about 20meters ahead on the left that acts as a car park.

Map to Chiling waterfalls from the old camp site. There are 5 river crossings to get to the Falls.

The first crossing is the newly repaired wooden bridge. We were warned that it will take the weight of 4 adults only. Well they allow 4 adults at any one time anyway. Must be the quality Made in Malaysia workmanship...

The river here is a lot more aggressive then the Janda Baik little dudes. Lotsa rocks. We were greeted with a full, engorged river that seemed to be fuelled by the rains. Unfortunately this turned the normally clear river into a muddy teh tarik affair.

The first part of the trails is tackling the Fern Alley. Beauty contestants who wish to remain unscathed should wear longer pants/capri action as the dry ferns and shrubs tend to attack your calf's and ankles with vigour.

The first river we had to wade through. As the river was very, very strong we had to take it slowly and carefully. Some parts were chest deep and if we were not careful we would have been swept away where we'd probably come to a stop with the help of a well placed boulder further downstream. Suggest also to water proof backpack and contents.

The trail is relatively easy except for the river crossings. Relatively leech free on land (depends on weather I guess) but 2 of us picked up the freeloading hitch hikers when crossing the rivers. One for me and 2 for the Mat Salleh. Poor ulu kampong suckers never tasted Guinness fuelled blood before. Hehe!

I didn't have time to take proper shots as most of the pics were taken on the move and I didn't want to keep Lam and Woon who were first time hiking buddies with me waiting.

After the fun river crossings the waterfall is a nice encounter. I hear when the water is clear the small lake at the foot of the waterfall is full of fishes. It's great if you tapau some hot coffee and bring some sandwiches to just chill out. The force of the water is impressively powerful and the spray drifts all over the little area surrounding the waterfall. Magic!

Ok, Woon said this rock dude looks like a gorilla. I thought it looked like a cross between Mr Magoo and Jabba the Hutt.

GavOloon getting rid of his little blood sucking hitchhikers.

A Chiling Waterfall lizard chilling in the sun.

Some Chiling River bug that looks like the bastard love child of a roach and a scorpion chilling in a stream.

Chiling River Rocks! ;)

A balak chilling by the river.

Actually the entire hike up the Chiling River Fish Sanctuary is an experience of it's own. Not just thinking of the waterfall as the sole target of the trip. The river crossings, crossing jungle terrain and then jumping into the pool at the waterfall. The water fall itself is peaceful (depending if there are other groups about and there is much to see. Butterflies flit among overhanging ferns as the spray from the pounding waterfall spread out among the rays of the early morning sun that breaks through the thick canopy of trees above.

Breakfast or lunch in quaint KKB town is also a must. Or if you're familiar with the territory head to Ulu Yam for makan.

Basic info:

The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Open from 8am to 6pm.

Info call - Selangor Fisheries at 03-55190169 or 03-551 90170.

Getting there : Take the scenic trunk road via Batu Caves/Batu Dam/Ulu Yam road or turn off at the Batang Kali exit if you're on the North South Higway and look out for signs to KKB. The hike up to the falls is about 50 minutes to an hour (one way).

Go HERE for Google Map reference to Kuala Kubu Baru. After hitting KKB town just keep driving straight ahead and the entrance is about 15 minutes after the dam (depending on your speed la)

For more information on Chiling Falls go HERE. The official website is currently under construction.

On the way back we stopped over at the Sungai Selangor Dam for a quick 'pit stop'. Nice.


farah siva said...

wow.. got map all now.. last i went there.. they didn't have one.. and NO BRIDGE on the first crossing!!!

Nex said...

Cool trip! Must bring me there when I goto KL in May/June.

But whatlah all this waterproof backpack and waterproof content bull? Aiyah you city flers ah...real jungle man just put their backpack on their head , steady it with both hands and cross the river lah. That way even if only your head is left sticking out of the water your backpack will still stay bone dry.

Chindiana said...

FarahSiva! Yep got map and also toilets that you can use for, get this, 50 cents for one day!

Woi Jungle man! the current is strong la. You need your hands to balance and hold on to the rocks when crossing. Unless of course you're like one of those orang asli women who can balance a truck on their heads while break-dancing on a top of a pole.

Han Solo said...

The pix are really inspiring, but I'm screwed if the water's too high.. looks really good though!

Chindiana said...

Can la Solo! Remeber a bunch of kids made it over. Nex is a big dude so we send him across first...

Chindiana said...
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Chindiana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nex said...

Ok lah I'll bring a big zip-lock bag for my backpack...he he he.

How's abouts the end of 24 & 25 May for another trip? I'll arrive KL on May 22.

Wah WTH??? Why got deleted comments one? Someone wrote something vicious about a trip???

kelv said...

first obstacle....water up to chest height..for whom?

Chindiana said...

Nex! sounds like a plan! call me when you get in la. then we plan.
Nothing drama with the deleted comments. My comments to Solo was replicated for some reason so i deleted the extras.

Kelv! up to ALL our chests so yeah not just me (i know where you going with that...)

Anne said...

Great descriptions of your way up....BTW, I've heard that the rivers on the ChiLing trail can sweep people away should there be a heavy rainfall...I was thinking of bringing about 4-5 of my girlfriends who have no experience in hiking or climbing except for me there and was wondering how bad is the threat?