Monday, March 10, 2008

Life Goes On...

In these uncertain times in our country, where cautious hope is mixed with bewildered disbelief, rapture dances around fear and loathing, quiet satisfaction sits back overlooking exponential insecurity. In these times when the markets are volatile and times ahead are a little misty, some moron, on this great, green Earth of ours, woke up in the morning and decided to shag a goat sometime in the day. And he got caught. And was made to marry it.

Sudanese Mr. Tombe was getting it on with a farmer's future mutton chop when said farmer stumbled on the 'horny' couple : ) Tombe was caught and presented to extremely wise village council who pronounced that since he used the goat as he would use a wife he had to pay up the standard Livestock Dowry of 15,000 Sudanese Dinars and marry it.

Mr. Tombe now lives in a lovely shack with Mrs Tombe and he now looks forward to visiting the farmer another 3 more times to fully ensure a complete and satisfactory life...

Go HERE for what to say to someone whom you've caught buggering your goat. And no I don't think the footage is on YouPorn.

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