Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunburst KL Pictures

The lessons that you need to take back from Sunburst:

1. Guys! All you need to do is learn to dance like John Legend. Doesn't matter if you've got the vocal acrobatics of a scalded cat, Just. Take. It. Sloooooow. Make every move your own, don't hold back and just slowly gelek-gelek the night away. Just look self satisfied and confident. The lady folk seem to think it's very,very sexy.
2. Concession food will ALWAYS taste like half-broiled roadkill.
3. Check before hand if the organisers have the right to station 'valets' at the main road and charge RM5 when you park your car illegally on the road side when parking space for the next 2 miles is taken up.

4. There are more hot women than on an average day out.

5. There are even more protective boy friends than on an average day out.

6. Beer promoters go through All Terrain All Condition Anti-Arsehole Marathon Survival training. Cheers girls for being professional through the long hours in your 'lil outfits.

7. Pass your friends those VIP/Comp tickets in advance. If you're holding those 'nuggets' that means you're WORKING on that day. Free tickets in Malaysia looses it's value the minute it's considered FREE. They'll take their time to turn up, they'll come separately in groups of a coupla hundred, turn up 5 minutes before curtains, especially when you're trying to tally up sales/clean up your booth/ get that number from that cute girl ! Be firm, tell them to Fuk Off and suck your peanuts. Nicely of course. They ARE still your friends.
8. John Legend makes me think of Marvin Gaye. Just more contemporary. I know, it doesn't make sense.

Bart August trying out his Tuborg Blowpipe of Love.

Fire Eater/Fire Blower dude.

The fire works. Nice touch.

Great crowds. Very well behaved. Knew how to queue up even for F&B.

Ahh. Good old George. Never, EVER thought I'd see him 'live'. Old Skool funk started the off my evening when I got there about 7pm.

Raul Midon from New York. Just one blind dude and his guitar. One awesomely perfect set.

The Roots. Tight. Didn't know there were so many fans of the boys from Philly.

Some dudes playing Housey/Trancey/Basey/Mickey?Mousey um...transient mood music.

Chenelle. Just a novelty. Cant really dance either.

Kelvin from Twilight Action Girl. The TAG boys brought along their hard core uh..TAGGERS and umm... TAGGETTES?

Incubus. Ladies who were there, can you say 'shirtless sweaty rocker'?

Holy Frak! Amy and Search turn up in the wee hours of the morning!

Sorry Amy, not my cuppa...

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