Saturday, March 22, 2008

Star Wars Red Bull Formula One Racing

In keeping with the Formula One spirit here's something for you motor head geeks out there! This is old news but I thought it would be fun especially since I was on the topic of the AirAsia Williams designed livery on their plane.

The Force powered by the Dark Side takes on the streets of Monaco.

During the Monaco GP on May 22nd 2005, Red Bull and George Lucas came up with this fantastic marketing gimmick. The Red Bull cars were painted to tie in with Star Wars EP3:Revenge of the Sith movie launch and it was a full blown Star Wars affair in Monaco with old George turning up with full Imperial, Republic and Rebel support. Anyway the Force was not with them and they sucked up a storm at this race but who gives a shit right when you look this cool...
Now check THIS out:

The frakkin' pit crew in modified gear to resemble Storm Troopers! And check out Darth Vader moonlighting as the chief engineer/Lollipop Man!

Actual race conditions. Vader ditched the cape of course.Geek wet dream? Prob not, you'll just complain it's not accurate by the high standards of the 501st Legion.


Life size X-wing specially flown in.

Hayden Christiansen being interviewed while being stalked by some creepy dude in brown robes.

Official entrance. No door bitches here.

Chewbaca, the official party slut.

The tough life rich folk have to put up with.

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Han Solo said...

Good one! And George's finally decided to ditch those lumberjack shirts...

Chindiana said...

F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone probably bought Georgey that tan shirt so he wouldn't look like a retired red neck in the middle of Monaco!

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