Monday, March 31, 2008

Nilai Camel

Holy Exotic Livestock Batman! The things you find travelling along our Malaysian trunk roads! I was in Seremban yesterday and took the old Seremban - Nilai trunk road as the North-South highway was jam packed with probably alla youse fellers doing the last minute Cheng Meng duties. It was drizzling but it was still a nice drive. The kampung houses, the rubber and palm oil estates and then suddenly Maggie the Serene here pops up in my peripheral vision. The drizzle wasn't that heavy so I took a coupla pics. She was in some mini ranch livestock farm with also some deer and cows. The buildings had no signage at all. If you're coming from Seremban its just before the Sungai Lambar bridge. Anyway, a camel sharing space with deer(venison) and cattle (steaks) does make one hope that she not going into some one's belly in some exotic meat restaurant! Suddenly I feel guilty for not being a bigger busy body...

Really bad pic. Overcast day and they were under the shaded shelter. Deer oh deer...;)

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