Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Hope - My Top 5 Wish List

Interesting. Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Selangor AND Penang. Can you imagine the scrambling going around in the behind the scenes? All those pending concessions, contracts, satay stall approvals now in limbo.

Here is just a random wish list:

1. The newbies do not fall into temptation and continue the dodgy practice tradition in their respective states.

2. They really have to work together as the more rational and professional team in this new era. The old boys showed they were totally not with the program and thought they were untouchable. Highly unlikely that that mind set will change.

3. The end to such sentences such as "the people want yadayadayada..." or "there is no need to explain..." coming from folks who are supposed to be our representatives.

4. Some proper laws to increase the lot of our cops. I'm telling ya these boys need some loving. They're underpaid and if any of you have walked into the offices upstairs at Jalan Bandar you'll know the indication of their lifestyles. If we want less crime lets not talk about increasing the number of cops but better the lives of the existing ones first. Else it would be a just larger group of boys in blue running around with indifference to the snatch thieves, robbers, triad action, etc.

5. Every purchase of 2 pints of Guinness gets a RM10 rebate at every Petronas gas station. Seriously.

Let's see what the opening bell tomorrow morning brings us.


Wak This Way said...

Great news at the polls! Glad to see changes. Old gangsters getting replaced by new ones. Hope the new ones are nicer.

Some nice suggestions, especially the taking care of the cops bit. Am all for it. It can't be great being a cop at the first place. Pretty shitty job I reckon and then getting paid peanuts, with no loving, it's no wonder they take rasuah so easily.

As for the guiness rebate..hmm

Chindiana said...

Wak! Great to have you back! I'm just hoping rational minds pervail and all work together and that Parliment meetings don't degenerate into school yard theaterics every Wednesday. Pay-Per-View TV anyone? 'Rumble Tiap Rabu'?

If done right this country is going to kick major ass!

The Guinness rebate strictly selfishly personal! haha!

Nex said...

Stay safe my friends in this uncertain times. Don;t venture out unless absolutely necessary. Lets not throw caution to the air and rejoice too loudly.

I'm sure many many people are NOT thrilled with the election results and will take it out on innocent parties, and then blame it on the opposition somehow.

May the grace of God keep us all safe, and wise, during this transition period.

Chindiana said...

Wise words Nex. That's why it's crucial we get that Guinness incentivised petrol program up and running - we all need to start feeling some brotherly lurve...

But seriously it should be OK. There seem to be more level minds nowadays(fingers crossed).