Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8 - Day of the Underdogs

Last night while Malaysia waited in nervous anticipation at the incoming election results, the English Premier League was also being rocked on it's heels. Portsmouth socked it to the Red Devils and tiny little Barnsley kicked mighty Chelsea out of the FA Cup. The Barnsley fairy tale continues. The victory over the Giant from Merseyside was not a fluke. Go HERE for more.

Ever so often we have to be reminded that if our will is strong enough it can anything can happen.

I am declaring March 8 in the Chindiana Calendar the National Day of Underdogs, the little people. You, me, our parents in our little home towns, all the aunties, uncles who woke up early to vote and to the folk of the Barnslys and Portsmouths of the world. Chalk one up for the Davids against the seemingly ever growing influence of the Goliaths all around us.

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