Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I MUST Find Peace

I just shouted at someone on the phone. It's work related. A looong one. Fit for a bad, sour marriage, fit for a diva or a 3 year old. Haven't done THIS in a loooooooooooooog time. Almost punched the wall. I got to find some inner peace.

Last week I went with the Lord of Duck Rice to a Buddhist center. The Nepalese monk there brought up that karma that we experience now is caused by what we did in a previous life. Well folks, I MUST have been a motherloving (censored cos of Buddha image on this post) lying, double crossing, half breed son of a Mexican jackass and a red bummed baboon then.

For every one step taken its like i get shoved back double and luckily on some occasions just half.

And worse, according the the monk dude (I'll get his name soon) if I loose my temper or cuss away, I'm using up my good/positive karma more. Then the Good Vibe Karma Tank runs on empty and then I fall into some vat of You'reGoingNoWhereSonnyBoy Gunk. It just blows that your lot is life is predetermined by the exploits of your karmic pre-incarnation. But of course there are the Get Out of Bad Karma Jail cards. Making Tsa-tsa and some other areas. Essentially finding a balance spiritually and mentally.

OK. Must chill. Must get back into Happy Land WITHOUT the help of a reefer or temporary drunken escapades. OHM Shanti. OHM (ok that's the INDIAN in Chindian : ) We pervail for what's in us. So if we get our sh.., aahh. sigh, OUR ACT together that should make all the bad karma and numb nut motherlovers just sliiiiiiiiiiiiide off like water off a duck's butt cheeks.


Nex said...

Hey it can't be that bad, you met me in this lifetime after all. And I'll be the one to show you tranquility and fulfillment when I get you that retreat by the beach.

Peace be with you brada!

Chindiana said...

Yeah i met YOU in this lifetime! Still havent fully recovered from all those Singapore adventures my man.

But yes, that calling from the beach is getting louder every year.