Monday, February 11, 2008


I dedicate this post to every 100 page contract, 120 slide powerpoint, 60 page proposal and 30 page Excel sheet that I've had to plough through over the years.

'nuff said.


Nex said...

Heh, wait till you own a business and have to pick through receipts from almost a year ago to submit for your income tax return.

Trying to remember in February 2008 what is 'HG4517-TL', which you bought 20 units of for RM1.71 each, at a shop you only went once in January 2007, is not the most enjoyable thing to do for a good part of an hour... :p

Chindiana said...


Haha! get your point dude. don't think i'll be going into a biz with that much inventory! touch wood...