Sunday, February 3, 2008

Managing Expectations of Trust

About a year and a half ago 3 men broke into my family home in Seremban. Hearing someone jiggling the lock of the locked bedroom which contained my sister, husband and 4 month old baby niece, my sis called the police. She was put on hold and then transferred to the Seremban police station and then had to speak to someone. In that time the robbers had pulled my parents from their unlocked room. My sis and husband were told to come out or else...

All in all they were lucky. It seems the 3 dudes were very professional and very calm besides the rusty parang that they were holding. They took their loot and made off. The cops turned up half and hour later. They said they couldn't find the area. Seremban is small and my nieghbourhood is known to all.

This was the begining of a 3 month crime spree. These guys were breaking in homes at random. The whole neighbourhood was living in fear. Break-ins and attempted break-ins were almost on a daily basis. They had no fear. They even attemmpted a second break-in into out home. Luckily the new security alarm had been installed.

One neighbor heard some noises downstairs one day. Locked themselves in their room and called the police. They stayed up in their room while they heard the dudes rummage around their house. The cops turned up at the gate and ...asked them to come down and open the gate while the robbers were potentially still in the house! The shouting debate went on from gate to bed room for a fair bit with the cops saying they could not come into a person's house or something like that. With all that the thieves left quietly.

Our neighbours got together. My bro in law drove the security watch detail. Everyone got alarms and they even paid out to a kitty to hire a security firm. It brought the whole neighbourhood closer. With the exodus of many of us to Kuala Lumpur the neighbourhood had become quieter. Now there was a vigilant friendliness about it. We chatted and waved to each other more.

They never caught the 3 dudes.

A few months ago, the bank called my Mum. Something about unpaid interests backdated 20 years. She said it's all be paid. They said no, pay up or else. She asked them to check and was told something vague and for HER to show proof that she had paid. Thanks the Gods the Old Skool mentality of hoarding receipts and dear old mum had them all She photocopied all the paperwork and faxed it over to the bank. And then silence. NO. FUCKING. APOLOGY. Just silence as if nothing happened. What if my mum didn't have those 20 year old payment slips?

How much trust do we put into institutions that we are supposed to put our trust in to come through for us when we need them? It really looks like we have no one to trust but ourselves and our own.


Nex said...


That's exactly why I take pains to protect myself and my family, and KEEP EVERY F**KING SCRAP OF PAPER FOREVER if it even has a single shred of connection to any kind of deal involving private firm or worse, government institutions...

Sorry to now about the ordeal your family went through dude, but its good that it brought the neighbourhood together.

Remember my house in Kepong got broke into once? Sad part is, my immediate neighbour is a high ranking police officer in Bukit Aman. And worse, his wife, also in the police force, were once robber right in front of their own gate!

Chindiana said...

Thanks Nex. just goes to show we aren't living in our parents times anymore. more dangerous assholes and fuckwits around now.

Han Solo said...

This is terrible, I'm so shocked to read what happened to your family and the neighbours. What bloody crap! Luckily no-one got hurt. Stupid police. Stupid bank!! We're all dealing with a bunch of idiots.

Chindiana said...

Thanks Solo, I appreciate it. As the old Stone Cold Steve Austin adage goes from a few years back - DTA, Don't Trust Anyone.