Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One O' Those Days

Its raining outside. I'm going for a beer. That beer will complete me as much as it would give me the satisfaction of watching Cruise get buggered up the arse by a cross-eyed camel. 5 projects pending. So close. Soooooooooooooooooo frakin' close. And now they're all in the hands of others. I want control. I want to be able to feel like I can take a dump without falling arse first into Mister Hanky Land.

My future bar by the beach is calling me now. Where? KK would be perfect. At least Nex would be there to go out to the mountains with on the weekends. But the tourists don't seem to hang about town much and the locals wont spend to much. Port Dickson is tudung heaven and I refuse to open a bar where tracksuits out number string bikinis. Penang? Hmmm... Gotta find an affordable beach front close enough to drinkers. Oh yeah then it would be the issue of Ringgo funding. Am sure there is some Datin whose bored and yearning for some mature conversation that her toy boy can't provide her.

Why can't things be simple? It MUST be a state of mind. I wanna be a bimbo. Bimbos are my new Cool Icons. Bimbos, Blondes, Irishmen, Ah Sengs, Bai flers, the brunt of every cliched joke, you never really see them in any other light but clueless. Nothing and no one leaves any seeming lasting impression - Office politicians, overflowing monsoon drains, bad drivers, multi-level marketeers (FUCK AMWAY!!! - Hey welcome back dude! Hope you're all good bro :P )

But that's all good. I head back to Seremban this weekend. Might try to catch the sun set from Kanni Koil. Might head to Carey Island for mee goreng and strong black coffee on Sunday morning.

The power just went off in the office. The collective wails of those who didn't save their work is interrupting the sound of the rain outside. Tough shit, eh wot?

Fuk it la, its all good.

Yesterday, I had drinks with a sexy, scarily intelligent woman. We talked. One of those in-your-zone sessions that ate up time far too quickly. The only evidence of lapsed time being the amount of booze we both consumed printed on the smudgy bill. There might be another session. Soon.

: )

It's all good.

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