Thursday, February 7, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year Folks!!! The year of the Rat is upon is! Get your traps and cheese ready, market forces are unsteady, the future is hazy, the city is empty and every trunk road and highway is going to be seeing a lot more of us behind the wheel, on a plane, bus and train but hey, for the next coupla days it's going to be wanton beer guzzling, gambling, mah jong, ang pow collecting and visiting of family and friends weather we're celebrating or not.
Also, has anyone ever wondered if the early predictions of the soothsayers comes true? Such as this is will be turbulent year because of the clashing of Water and Fire elements or some such thing. Everyone's "ooooH" and Ahhhs" about it but then actually forget about it as the year drags on. One year later and we cant remember if the mediums and hororscope readers were spot on or not as another Chinese New Year comes prancing, prowling, gliding and skittering around the block.

I'll be in KL this year as the sis has just given birth to this cute 'lil runt so the family is on baby sitting backup squad duty (except for me of course!)
I'd like to wish all of you in these funny times, a good and fulfilling New Year ahead, where we mend broken bridges, strenghten the bonds of friendship and most importantly find the patience and guile to outlast that office politicians hiding behind the copier machine!
PS - I'm still getting a kick from folks who keep wishing me joy and a prosperous new year to me and my 'fly'...


ah lim said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you friend!

Chindiana said...

Happy New Year to U too Bro!!! Drive safe and keep off the highways! and tell your mum i'm coming for ang pow!