Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My romantic image of old Fidel was always him and Che Guevera 50 years ago, crossing an ocean in little boats to liberate a tiny island. That was it. I was more facinated by Che than Fidel. Until this day I would love to know this man's thoughts if he were to look into the burning eyes of his old friend adorning a t-shirt worn by some tourist on his shores.

Fidel Castro finally steps down today. Finally the old soldier calls it a day. From a strictly layman's point of view and from a sports angle I thought he and Cuba were cool. They told the rest of the world to frak off and they did it their own way. Villified by the Americans and their allies he still stood tall sucking on his home made stogie while flipping the bird to all and sundry who dared sing a bad note about his beloved Cuba.

Even when we used to hear about his dictatorial style and being a royal arse wipe, this supposedly impoverished country produced some of the best track and field athletes, boxers and even volleyball players in the world. No make that THE best boxers in the world. It's because of the American embargo that they couldn't compete outside of the Olympics.

Friends of mine who've been to Cuba have sworn they have some of the best medical facilities in the world and its available FREE to every citizen. And let's not forget those cigars..

Read the link below for more authoratative bio of this legend. Today I say "Respect" to an original Outlaw.

For more on Castro go HERE.


Han Solo said...

If you like Che and Fidel, you should enjoy 'The Motorcycle Diaries', if you haven't read it yet. It's a memoir/account of Che's travels by motorbike in South America with a friend, three years before he meets Fidel. Che's all young and idealistic and you can see from his travels how he develops into the person he will become.

Anonymous said...

they even have a movie made from the book. Quite a good one too. Also titled 'The Motorcycle Diaries' after the book. - ah lim

Chindiana said...

Hey Guys! Yeah read the book already! didnt think the movie would stand up so avoided it. but curious now so will have to visit my friendly neighbourhood DVD seller!