Saturday, February 16, 2008

Batang Berjuntai No More

Everything's eventual. Change is a constant. And so finally THEY went out and changed the name of one of the most uniquely named towns in Malaysia. Batang Berjuntai is no more. All hail...sigh, BESTARI JAYA.

I found this out from Han Solo when I met her to pass over her long overdue prizes from the Manu Militari contest.

What do I do now? Batang Berjuntai used to be my most favourite go to word for a whole bunch of references. I've been using it since for ever! How do I replace:

" C'mon la bring some girls dude! There's just us batang berjuntais here in the pub!"

"The traffic in the WHOLE FRIKKIN' town is JAMMED UP man!!! Its like every clown and his goat from Batang Berjuntai is here!"

"Look! Even chicks from Batang Berjuntai can use a stick shift la! What the hell....grumble grumble...grumble....grumble...."

"Woi! You ingat Batang Berjuntai tu name lanciau lu ka?" - I used this just once. It just came out before I could stop myself. I think i just confused the dude I was pissed off at. I was trying to mean that he thought he was so great that they named a town after him. Sigh. Moving on...

"Looks like some virgin from Batang Berjuntai to me..."

So what do I do know? How do I fill this empty void in my life? Why did they do this? This unexplainable act of remorseless culling of our colorful culture?

More importantly, how AM i going to make an impact when some dude cuts in front of me in a queue at the ATM machine, I pull him aside and shout out, "Woi! You ingat Bestari Jaya nama lanciau lu ka?"

Go HERE for a more intellectual view.


Han Solo said...

Hahahaha!! What a sad day it was indeed when they got rid of Batang Berjuntai....I say you should just be reckless, heck the boring old farts and continue to wantonly use those sacred words :-)

Chindiana said...

Bless you Solo! From now on I declare that Bantang Berjuntai shall LIVE ON in chindiana trails!

The Revolution shall begin here! Batang Berjuntai lives forever!

Nex said...

If a Batang Berjuntai connoisseur such as yourself did not know about the name change until now, chances are whoever you choose to unleash your fury upon would not know either (presuming they even know Batang Berjuntai exists in the first place).

So I say, carry on old chap!

At least Bestari Jaya is not half as bad as all the vegetable names they changed the streets of Shah Alam to years ago...

Chindiana said...

Connoisseur? not quite bro. Haha! shah alam road names...hmmm i feel another top 5 list coming...

Nex said...

I came across the perfect substitude for Batang Berjuntai for you!

Next time just substitude 'Akademgorodok' (pronounced as how you read it) where Batang Berjuntai would be. Try it, it works better then Batang Berjuntai! GUARANTEED to bring a blank & confused stare to the face of anyone who hears it! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Here's the Wiki page for Akademgorodok:

I'm gonna retire my frequently used 'Timbuktu' and replace it with Akademgorodok too! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Chindiana said...

nex...sigh ok la, i'll give it a try. i just might choke on it first! haha!