Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where are our priorities this year?

Watch this if you've got the time. Its American, so its a little dramatic but puts things in perspective for me moving into this new year. I'll let you form your own conclusions. This is about Dick and Rick Hoyt, the father and son triathlon team.


Han Solo said...

*sniff sniff*
that was very, very nice. The look on the son's face was pure joy- no other way to describe it. Life becomes meaningful when you do the things which make you happy, and that's what his dad has given him. Wonderful.

Nex said...

Thanks for posting this inspirational video dude, it really puts things in perspective.

It reminded and reaffirmed me of the reason I gave up the big city life. My quality of life had vastly improved since I came back home.

Chindiana said...

Yeah and I'm going to stop bitching every time i'm stuck in a jam and whining about my sad lot in life.