Sunday, January 6, 2008

Top 5 Coolest Names

There are just some names that stick in your mind. Over the years, when you're stuck in a traffic jam, mulling economic policies sitting in the john or even waiting for that friend to turn up at the mamak. Suddenly the memory of the coolest name you ever heard sidles up to you and whispers a gentle forget-me-not. Below are the top 5 names that I can't seem to forget. I've stayed away from porn stars as it would have then easily doubled this list:

Evel Knievel! - The late stuntman and the world's first extreme athlete! What name do you want when you're tempting the Fates jumping over a gazillion bikes, cars, trucks and the Grand Canyon? Make mine Evel!

Casanova Frankenstein ! - Flamboyance and horror all mixed into one slickly evil villainous package! Seen here flanked by the Disco Boys. Played brilliantly by Geoffrey Rush in Mystery Men (one of my fav movies!)

Kimbo Slice !!! - If you're going to get your head caved in by a bad ass mother fucker you're going to want him to have a baddass name. The 'Rock'? Arnold Schwerweiner..whatever...or Chuck Norris?? C'mon. Chuck? It's Kimbo. Kimbo Slice, you poor shit and he'll REALLY show you the colour of your blood!

The Slicester is a legendary street fighter from Mixed Martial Arts. Just for this I'm going out and buy a mean ass attack Alsatian to guard my action figures just so I can name him Kimbo!

Salacious B. Crumb! - C'mon say it. Say his name. It makes you forget that he's just an annoying little Muppet. I just couldn't get his name out of my head after watching ESB for the first time!

Tawny Kitaen ! (the only female name I can think of) This is weird. Her name has stuck in my head lately. I always thought she was a porn star. Turns out she was in some Whitesnake video from the '80s. Now I'm really wondering where the hell I heard the name from???


Nex said...

I had 2 names stuck in my head over the last few weeks: Orinoco Flow & Leona Lewis. Had no idea what or who they are, and don't even know how they got into my head. Must have heard them on the radio.

Of course good old Google came to the rescue.

Chindiana said...

Ya, they've been playing Enya on the radio lately.

Nex said...

Best part is, I still can't remember how Orinoco Flow sound like. I can't even hum the chorus.

And I have no idea what song is sung by Leona Lewis.

Such is the mystery of our brain.

Han Solo said...

oh wow, Mystery Men....absolutely brilliant. That's the kind of movie that makes me think, 'damn, I wish I'd written that!'

Chindiana said...

Solo! I love MM but never thought I'd see the day when anyone said that! Haha!

Han Solo said...

sorry, I get a bit emotional when it comes to movies that I like, heh heh

Chindiana said...

Yeah, I still cant understand how the movie crashed and burnt at the box office. I can watch it over and over and over again!