Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time and Ties

I was cleaning out a cupboard and found 2 of the first ties I bought and had a good laugh at them especially in this day and age where a man is judged not by his word of honour but by the shininess of his cuff links.

I put them together with some of the newer ones i have and realized they told a story of myself. Behold young readers, the evolution of Chindiana!

My very FIRST tie! Yeah laugh but it's significant. I bought this way back in the early '90s when I worked in Nike, a company at that time where folks would turn up at regional sales or department meetings in t-shirts, shorts, sandals and of course sneakers. This was a no brainer as I didn't own a tie and Nike had launched an ad campaign featuring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Some of the merchandise had had Marvin the Martian on it. It was an impulse buy. I wore at a company dinner in a fancy restaurant and I think once in Nike the Nike HQ in Beaverton. I retired this old feller when I realised after I left Nike no one would take seriously a clown with a tie featuring the multiple heads of a cartoon Martian.

Yes, you can see I matured. This was in the late '90s and I now had a fetish for multiple cartoon sheep... But I bought it also because I felt like that single black sheep up there on the tie because that was how I felt sometimes working where I did at that time.

And now I get sophisticated in life. Space Invaders now adorn my tie discreetly...late '90s early 2000s.

Early 2001-2003 - I finally grow up and discard the childishness of cartoon characters. We were doing a lot of projects in Singapore and found this awesome place along Clark Quay where we could buy silk ties for as low as S$0.80! So I stocked up on a few more for boasting rights at getting them so cheap! That also and in anticipation of getting up into more senior positions within the company.

October 2007. My last purchases. I haven't used them yet as some of you know that i get a rash up my ass whenever I have to put on a suit. Bought this in Hanoi without thinking much. Liked the happy colours although the pink one screams out "wannabe metrosexual!" - a sign of a more hopeful, mature and optimistic Chindian?

Only time will tell. The saga of Chindiana continues...

PS - Anyone want the Marvin and Sheep tie let me know.


Nex said...

Sort of remember the 4th tie from the top (circa 2001-2003), but I would have left where we worked together by then, right?

At least you don;t have those 'American Gigolo' ties that was popular in the 80s.

I'll take the Marvin and Sheep ties. But you have to sign it at the back first. One day when you're rich and famous I can sell them on eBay :P

Chindiana said...

But I'm a celebrity now! Haha! set dude. will hand it over the next time i head over to KK for R&R!

ah lim said...

Nice ties... eh pink one smooth out your rough edges. HAHA!

Chindiana said...

yeah, you can borrow it once in a while dude. I see exams are over eh?