Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Zebra Crossing by Anup Shah

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been running since 1964. Its a competition that's owned by the British Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. It has in recent years been sponsored by Shell.

The contest is open to all. There is even a category for kids below 10 years old. There's the overall winners and sub categories such as landscape, animal behaviour, under the ocean, etc.

The pictures are great and puts us right in the face of a world long forgotten by us city slickers. We've ignored that the harsh, deadly beauty of nature still lives at the edge of our day to day lives, safe in our tattered sarongs and shorts, chugging back that beer in front of the telly on Football Saturday Nights.

The pictures here are some samples and I encourage you to enlarge them for full glorious detail! Also from the link below to the web site you get to read the comments of the photographers which is fantastic as they explain the very moment these stunning images were captured. Enjoy!

Car Wash

Turtle Grooming by Andre Seale

Frag it, I'm screwed now...

Polar Meltdown by Anne Naevra


Mistaken Identity by Michel Denis-Huot. The cub (and it's sibling) had wandered away from the pride for a few days. The pride found them later but because they smelt differently they were treated aggressively. The cub lashed out at the lion and was set upon by the rest. Both cubs were killed and one of the lioness was seen eating one of the cubs later.

And then there's Magic...

Mallards at Dawn by Arnaud Darondeau

Elephants below Mount Kilimanjoro by Martyn Colbeck

Turf War

Hyena at Bay by Christopher Courteau. A pack of wild dogs go after a stray scavenger.

Solo Attack

Sky Chase by Manuel Presti. A lone Peregrine Falcon goes after a flock of skylarks.

Who dat?

Encounter by Anna Henly


Damsel Emerging by Ross Hoddnott. A dragonfly emerges from it's larvae cocoon.

Snack Attack!

Great White Torpedo by Amos Nachoum. A seal gets taken out of the ocean by a hungry hunting machine.

Piss your pants encounters

Underwater encounter byMichel Loup. Enlarge this underwater shot of the anaconda coming out from the watery hiding place to appreciate the moment!

Night Pride by Cristobal Serrano Perez. Imagine you pull over late one night to take a piss by a river and...

Just Chilling...

Rajan Snorkeling by Jeff Yonover. The elephant is named Rajan and he's swimming while his trunk is above water.

Just Eating...

Stoat Sandwich byAri Tervo. Cute 'lil feller...

And finally...

Merkat Moment by Shem Compion. Both parent and baby mesmerized by the wasp/hornet.

If any of you guys want to take part or just want to enjoy more of the great pictures go HERE.


Han Solo said...

Tragically, there's not much wildlife where I live. Apart from our rabbits, one fish, one cat and ermm...about seven sea monkeys (they're NOT mine, I promise) and the tree shrews and civet cats walking on the telephone cable, that's it really.

The pix are brilliant.

Chindiana said...

Hey Solo, for most folks here in the city, that's a zoo right there!

Nex said...

Again, while I live in the most primal state in Malaysia, all I ever come across are egrets picking on scraps of rubbish...