Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Last night a bunch of buddies and myself spent a quality night welcoming 2008 by drinking canned Guinness Draught, watching a Dirty Sanchez video (not porn before you snicker) and catching 7 fireworks displays from an apartment on the hill at Section 17 in PJ. I must say the exploding colors across the entire horizon was quite impressive - from what looked like mid Valley, the PJ State area, Sunway, Shah Alam and if we stretched our heads out further some action going on in the KL city center plus throw in some smaller ones scattered about. The fire flowers were going up gloriously especially the almost twin displays coming from the PJ area in what could be near that field near the A&W and possibly Menara MPPJ.

So we get a fresh start. So what if petrol prices are going up? They're releasing Indiana Jones Part 4 dude! So what if the elections might come about? Maybe the opposition might win a stronger minority and just make running the country a little messier but we have the European Cup Championships and the Olympics. And so what if every clown from Buttercup, USA to Batang Berjuntai, Selangor is talking RECESSION in hushed tones? We're going to be flying to London or Manchester on RM9.90 on AirAsia! So who cares if the on board Guinness could set you back a car and a pony? We get to watch 10 goal extravaganzas at White Hart Lane or reach out and touch an English football hooligan! Hurrah!
I'd just like to wish all you guys and gals out there a very, very happy, fruitful and life changing (in a fantastic great way) 2008!
Below are some pictures courtesy of BBC on how the rest of the world celebrated the New Year. Go HERE for more pics.

Folks at the ice sculptures in Harbin, China

American forces party in Kabul, Afganistan

Iraqi Kurds in Sulaimaniya release fire lanterns

Fireworks over the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

German fire fighters play with sparklers in Munich.


Wak This Way said...

Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2008.

Chindiana said...

Thanks dude and Happy New Year to you too!