Monday, January 21, 2008

Janda Baik 2008

First off, this post dedicated to Aggie who was stuck in the office over the weekend while we went out and got all cosied up with Mother Nature!

Ah Lim and I hit the hills on Sunday, my effort to getting back to fitness this year finally up and running! Went off to Janda Baik as its the easiest trail of all and there was always the lure of the sea food joints nearby. We didn't anticipate it raining the night before so we got stuck in some mud prone areas on the second half of the trail. The trail we took is the one right at the end of the tar road that takes you into Kampong Janda Baik. Once you see the start of the forked dirt trails ahead, just park it and hike it. Drive into Janda Baik via the Genting Sempah turnoff (right after the tunnel) or the Bukit Tinggi turnoff along the Karak Highway. Just look out for signs or ask some dude along the way. There are lots of trails in there but this one is the only one we take.

There's been some changes since the last time I went there about 8 months back with the boys from Aston Moore.Many of the kacang bottle farms at the back of the trail seemed to have been abandoned but many new ones have sprouted up at the beginning of the trail. A lot of the hills nearer to the Janda Baik village/kampung are now being cleared for farming. Mainly bananas and kacang bottle vegetable. Pic above is a typical kacang bottle nursery. The strings above are for the creepers where the vegetable grows out from.

With the new farms brought about smaller side trails so we managed to crisscross the stream a few times just for fun.

Success at the half way point!

Engorged and swift flowing stream after the rain.

The new bridge leading into a new farm plot.

The jungle walk part. I like Janda Baik because of the varying terrain.

The Bamboo Hut. The weight of the leaves had this bamboo forest leaning over the path.

View of one of the banana plantations

Some derelict machines scattered around the area

Insecticide. This is what goes into our stomachs if we don't wash our vegetables properly.

Best mode of transport around the valleys and trails and a bike...

Shade and Stream

Smaller side trails that lead off further into the plantations.

Sensitivity Shot

Some frond and buds

Sensitivity shot #2

Sensitivity shot #3. BTW can anyone identify these flowers? Then I can stop labelling them "Sensitivity Shots"!

I like Janda Baik. We were lucky - slightly overcast skies and a breezy morning. Fantastic. And the roti banjir and sweet black coffee for lunch was perfect!

The area still offers some fun for not much physical effort. I still need to find a link from the first trail and the other one after the adjacent hill. Anyone (non-whiners) who is up for some real exploring let me know and we'll go in for a look-see.


Han Solo said...

Non-whiner owning up :-)

Chindiana said...

Great! Victim #1! Next...
He He!

Nex said...

Hey that trail looks sort of familiar. Looks like the same one Kelvin and Winnie tagged along for a climb waaaaaay back when...

Did you guys pass a ginger field before you start climbing?

Man I miss frolicking in the jungle like I did back then. Ironically I'm now in one of the most primal state in the country and yet I don't even have the chance to go anywhere near a jungle, let alone go frolicking in one... :(

Chindiana said...

yeah it's the same one and nope didnt see any ginger fields. now its mostly kacang botol and banana trees.

and uh dude... we manly men don't frolic...;)

Nex said...

What's the fun of going into the jungle if you can't frolic? :P

Frolic also means 'romp', which is to play about roughly, energetically or boisterously.

Sure was a lot of that going on within the group during my trips in the jungle...ha ha ha