Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Too Fussy?

I've been getting that a lot lately. This 'You're too fussy thing!" thing when the subject of girl friends breaches friendly conversations with buddies and buddettes. But really, I'm not fussy. There is no perfect woman out there. I know that. I've always preached that. No perfection in men, women, staplers or bow legged cowboys. So the last thing I have in mind is that the first real relationship since the breakup(yonks ago!) will be with Angelina Jolie's clone. Nope, she will prob snore in bed, have some phobia for cats, be occasionally rude to me and have the linguistic talent of a truck driver.

But if there's no one out there that gets my blood pumping or shares my interests oR even is KEEN to share my interests OR has the right mix of chemistry OR the basic building block of a relationship, should I just settle now for someone who may like me but who will end up getting unrequited feelings back for her efforts? That's not going to end well when after breaking point someday she sticks a lawnmower blade up my ass while I'm drooling on the couch watching some rerun of the Powerpuff Girls.

Of course there are some out there that I'd love to hang out with, hold hands over a candle lit dinner, share a holiday in Bali, run towards each other in slow motion on a rainy night in Paris, dance around some coconut tree or even make sweet music with a pottery wheel. They however:

A. Don't feel the same way

B. Have boy friends or husbands significantly larger than me

3. Have dated the FON before and now mask psychotic tendencies under demure friendliness.

So I'm not fussy. That woman is probably out there somewhere. And Somewhere IS a large place. She could be washing plates in a deli in Guam or was the driver of the car that I flipped the bird at this morning along the Federal Highway.

All the same folks, I am NOT fussy. Really.


ah lim said...

"run towards each other in slow motion on a rainy night in Paris" - you have been watching too much Hollywood love movies.

"dance around some coconut tree" - too many Bollywood movies

"or even make sweet music with a pottery wheel" - this is a love movie about a ghost (i forgot the name of the movie)

Just call The Fon, he will give you some advice. :P

Anonymous said...

The Fon believes you have standards to keep which is mistaken for 'choosiness'. People with small minds cannot think big. So says The Fon.

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim, that pottery wheel movie is called...wait for it...wait, wait......GHOST! nowadays...

The humbled chindian is grateful at the wise words of the FON. The FON understands the mind of the Chindy. Tonight many goats this Chindian will scarifice in the name of the FON under the steamy night sky of Batang Berjuntai.

Nex said...

This is where Manu Militari comes in (pardon the pun) handy. :P

Chindiana said...

ah yes....that would be a tragic day dude! but better that than me turning gay...