Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Game Plan

Holy motherofgod! A writers strike you say? Hollywood is at a standstill you wonder? Creativity in the heart of entertainment brought to a standstill you say?

Never fear, after this effort you can get better script writers by going into your local bar, pull of that emu with the striped vest off his stool at the end of the bar and put him in front of a lap top and get better results.

I love the Rock. And he's the only saving grace in this overused formula comedy. The dude can act and comedy is his forte and hey if all fails just flash everyone those refrigerator sized pearly whites with that happy glint in your eye and everything comes up yipeekaye!

The kid is just another cute kid acting cute and the rest of the folks are standard props although I can never get enough of hot latin dance instructors.

The first 3/4 of the show is ably fun but after that and if you have an allergy to puke induced soppy Disney endings than this is where I suggest you bolt for the door screaming like a teenybopper banshee at a Take That reunion.

The dude who wrote the ending should be marched in front of every army facing an onslaught of drunken gay Orcs with Blue Ball Syndrome.


S'wak said...

Saw this flick on the flight back from Europe. Is the Rock really so out of options that he has to take this role? I agree with you Chindiana that in the right roles, he can really shine, but some of his acting in this movie is just cringe inducing, especially when he tries to be pathetically funny. Watch Gridiron Gang... he absolutely shines in that one.

Chindiana said...

S'wak dude! thanks for the reminder bout Gridiron Gang. I missed it and was planning on getting the dvd.

I always blamed his agent. C'mon Doom?, Walking Tall? bloody hell...