Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Rules of Engagement

3 days into the new year and I think I'll be dramatic. I've never made resolutions in my life. I'm making some this year as I need to up my game. But fuck this resolution shit. I resolve to be a better person? No sir, I better fuckin change or else I'll drown sir. So,

It's my RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for this year. I need a game plan BUT I'm going to keep it realistic. I'm NOT going to be nicer to women who insists that happiness is a genie in a fat wallet or say something utterly unrealistically ridiculous like I'll stop enjoying that odd beer. We've got to keep the economy going so sod off you anti-toppers!

Here goes:

1. First off - STOP EATING MAGGI MEE AND CUT DOWN ON CURRIES. I don't know the deal, maybe its age catching up to me but even the Maggi I cook at home makes my stomach unsteady. Forget about the ones at the local mamaks with the recycled oil. Also if a cop says even he doesn't eat Maggi there must be a reason to it.

2. STAYING AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY TIRED. - You know the sort, they're out there. Normally selfish people who monopolise your time with their own issues, talking about themselves or just insisting that the itinerary for the day revolves around their own schedules.

3.WORK OUT MIN. TWICE A WEEK. I haven't done squat since October. I'm hopelessly out of shape and my body feels it. This cannot go on. I need my adrenaline supply.

4. WORK LIKE A MOTHERLOVIN' MANIAC - Dunno why I suddenly feel the need to chase every cause, lost or otherwise. Every lead in life and at work. Something's in the horizon. Hannah Tan? Oh, and yeah 4b. - Get over this Hannah Tan fetish.

5. MORE TIME WITH THE FAMILY- Been using work as an excuse not to go back and visit the folks. Not fair and selfish. Mummy misses pampering her little prince (yeah you can gag now!)

Tomorrow, some tear jerking stuff. Hopefully. Maybe. As I show you all that once in a while the sensitivity gene reaches out from under my disillusioned core and parks itself on my right butt cheek for all to see and wonder at the mysterious inner workings of the universe.


Nex said...

1st Rule of Engagement: Learn to read the date right. AH HA HA HA HA HA!

Sorry dude I caught that mistake before you changed it. Just had to rub it in :P

What happened to your regular foosball thing? New job got in the way?

Tomorrow has arrived, so come on, out with the tear jerking stuff already :D

Chindiana said...

Foosball is the culprit that's left me with the busted back and torn ligaments in both knees! But stupidly I've signed up for another round of it this monday! Women from Venus? Men are from Tanjung Rambutan...

Btw Just managed to post the video. I had prob on friday and didn't realise it didnt appear on the blog as I didn't check.

Han Solo said...

err...OK. I'm going to risk sounding like your typical female who's ignorant about sports but isn't foosball what do you with those little men on the table? How did you bust your back and knees by doing that?

Chindiana said...

Thanks Solo! Looks like i'm the bimbo here! it was FUTSAL. My bad!

Nex said...

And here's the other bimbo reporting in!