Sunday, December 16, 2007

What I Want for Christmas!

'Tis the season to be giving! So anyone in the mood for charity for Seremban's own 'celebrity' blogger send this stuff my way!

Of course I'm starting with the obvious since some of you keep claiming that my phone is a disgrace even in the Kingdom of Ah Bengs. So get me:

The Iphone!
Let the Americans think they've got it exclusively. Head on down to One Utama and other joints in KL and PJ and you can get me a piece around RM2,300. If you're in Hong Kong even better! Pick up one for about RM1,200. I hear that the hacked models are also user friendly for Maxis users now so that's even better! Also cheaper in Singapore (although they've just clamped down on the dealers in Sim Lim) and Bangkok.


Yeah, it reads CHNDIANA (only 8 letters allowed)

This cool application lets you customise a chosen shoe model with colours that you like, customize it, pay for it online and they will send to you pronto! Above are two contrasting colors that i was fooling around with. You also get to embroider your girl friend's name on the back to show your eternal love! Just head to and look out for the nike id section and click away. Please customize the white color one above for me as that's my favourite design. Thank you. Oh, and of course you'll have to pay for the extra shipping from the US.

Bell & Ross BR01 Pink Gold

Its so Schwing! that I have no words for this piece of coolness. Get this for me and I'll wash your car for a year! Make that 6 months's talk later shall we? The regular model runs about RM16,000. This one might be around RM25,000, maybe more.
The Abduction Lamp

You just know it's going to go well right next to my lava lamp! It comes with a human abductee and of course the obligatory bovine. Go to

Wonder Woman versus Hydra statue

That muscle definition, those abs, that look of "You're so dead you stupid worm.."
Sigh..... Just Google - Wonder Woman and Hydra for a list of online stores. Should be about RM750.
I've fine if you don't gift wrap the stuff. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks. Take care on the roads and be patient if you're flying about the region.


Nex said...

Wow, and I thought the stuff on my X'mas wishlist are expensive and frivolous...

At least the stuff I want will most definitely appreciate in value over time... :P

For RM25k I'd expect the thing on my wrist to cook me my meals, wash my clothes & dishes, clean my house and a host of other things I can't even mention here...

And dude, I can get a Wonder Woman and Hydra for around US$120 (RM400) shipped. Which bloodsucking shop is selling it for RM750???

iPhone can be had for RM1,200 in HK eh? Hmmm...I might just get one for myself :P

Han Solo said...

i'm feeling really inspired to do my own xmas list now :-). Great way to waste time on the night shift!

Chindiana said...

Nex! Chill ler...

btw the wonder woman is available in 2 sizes - 11" height and about 6". I meant the 11" one plus shipping but if you can get it for me at RM400 landed, set la! get it for me and i'll send you the ringos. Oh yeah, still owe you for rolling stones. WHen you coming over?

Solo! Just do it! hehe! you just never know there might be a charitable little santa out there just like Nex whose prob going to buy me the wonder woman and not take my money cos he's so nice! Haha!

Nex said...

AH so! Only found the 6" one. The 11" one must be super rare if I couldn't find it.

Don't think will go over anytime soon...need all the moolah for my new house's reno...

Chindiana said...

6" one about RM250 btw dude.

Nex said...

Ok, then the one I saw must be the larger one then...but now its gone, probably someone bought was on ebay.

man this figure is really hard to find. Only been out of the figure scene for a while and everything is unfamiliar already...