Monday, December 17, 2007

The Stadium Super Sunday Viewing Party

I'm not one for English Premier League viewing parties unless there's free booze but i decided to try out the latest newbie on the block, The Stadium viewing party that was held this last Sunday Dec 16th at the Elephant Walk at Sunway Lagoon. This was by far the most ambitious viewing party that I've been to and it was not too shabby. The organisers got a perfect grand viewing area in the form of the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre which only amplified the roars of the capacity crowd inside.

Outside there was a great mix of games, sponsor activities and of course the little lovelies selling a mixture of smokes and the odd energy drink. Being Super Sunday with The Red Devils vs the (original) Reds, Chelski vs the Gunners the crowd turnout was fantastic with fans turning up in their club's kit.

The bomoh did a halfway decent job of keeping the rain away with the occasional limp drizzle that left the area with somewhat of a humidity problem but the abundance of ice cold Carlsberg helped save the day.

Lotsa eye candy with the ladies from Winston, Caarlsberg and that energy drink, Red Fury or Horse Fury or something...

The Carlsberg outdoor area had its own screens for those who wanted to stay outside the Amphitheater and closer to the supply of cold brewskis.

Another view of the Carlsberg section with the Sunway Hotel in the background.

By accident I caught on camera (below center, the bald Mat Salleh and the dude to his right), Manchester United legends Lee Sharpe and Andrei Kanchelskis who were the guests of honour for the night.

The Liverpool supporters club which seemed to be the most active

The Maxis booth (duh!)

The usual burger stalls that seem to be at every local event serving burgers that would embarrass a dead cow.

A Winston display 'sculpture'

The Black Balloon Brigade

Great fun lighting system.

Another view of the path leading to the Amphitheater

Bad shot of the crowd in the Amphitheater but strain your eyes or enlarge the pic and you'll see how fun it would be to cheer on your club in an environment with great acoustics!
All in all it was great fun although parking was pure hell especially since it looked like everyone who parked on the main road outside the Elephant Walk entrance were diligently issued parking compounds. Oh yeah, and a burger fucker scammed me for 2 wrapped up chicken burgers that were patty-less. But a good night out nonetheless.

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