Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Scent of A Woman

Just something that caught me off guard - a '40s inspired Allure ad from Chanel featuring Fergie.

I remember that Allure used to turn me on majorly in the past. (I've forgotten what is smells like now). It seemed it just got every male hormone in my body ready to body rock with whoever was wearing it at that time. Thank God what little grey matter in my head would take charge and enforce some common sense when faced with the prospect of coming on to the Sister of the Honky Tonk Man!


Han Solo said...

Ooh, doesn't she look good. XS does it for me but I hardly ever sniff it around anymore.

Chindiana said...

XS? what dat? In seremban we dab the odd hot toddy under out pits to smell sweet and refreshing!

yeah, she actually looks sorta classy.