Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Posts from Pals

I just realised there was a whole bunch of cool posts over the past couple of weeks or so from my buddies blogs so I thought I'd just do a little highlight action. More fun than sending Vampire invitations on facebook to your friends. Yeah I mean you, you facebook novices!

Check out Han Solo's details of the Russian international space station and more importantly on the piece of 'history' that the Malaysian government wants to purchase to further our 'space program'. Solo was one of the journalists who covered our Space Tourist's little interstellar adventure. Go HERE for the details and learn more about space taxi relay services!

My bro, NEX hunted down this sorta tribute to Hannah Tan with pictures (!) for me! Cheers dude! Dinner on me next time you're in town! Go HERE for Hannah goodness!

S'wak is in the midst of creating an authentic Boba Fett helmet for his rare midnight forays hunting rogue Hindraf supporters. Its super cool and check out the attention to detail! Now we know where Fett gets his spare gear. Go HERE for the coolness!


Nex said...

Hey thanks for the mention. I can almost taste our favourite dish at Online Pub...

See if Hannah is free to join us for dinner will ya? ;)

S'wak said...
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Chindiana said...

Nex! You're on! Get on over here bro! Hannah Tan in Online Pub? Now that would take an act of god! haha!

S'wak dude! not so loud ler. Since we are 'celebrity' bloggers now I'm sure there are some cyber troopers checking us this very moment!

Han Solo said...

Hee hee. Remember how easy it was not too long ago for a particular visitor to google blogs? :-)

Chindiana said...

ha ha! that's still very fresh in my mind!