Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Please Sir Can't We All Just Get Along?

"Oh man, take a chill pill dude! I'm not WEARING yellow, I AM Yellow!!!"

HINDRAF, BERSIH, Lawyers and all sorts of futile protestations of idealistic proportions. I'm just sitting here (again) in Starbucks as the internet at home is down. I just had an excellent Indian lunch and brued coffee with cow's milk which beats any Starbuck concoction any day.
So Hindraf want a gazillion bucks for the Indians. Its just wayang tinggi right? If by some cosmic or Divine intervention they get the windfall, wouldn't every slave nation from the Caribbean to the Africas be rushing to Buckingham Palace screaming for their pretty penny? OK so its to make a point. But why make a point with piece of rubbish claim? I don't get it man...

So what if Bersih has a point? I think we should anticipate a non-sensitive response from the authorities. The poor fellers are living under a siege mentality after all.

I'm telling you if a Seremban feller were a cop he would smother the protesters with kindness and save the teargas and water for the Rempits. They should have got over there and escort the crowd over to the palace. Have smiling cops chatting up the folks in the crowd. While you're at it give a lift to some of the older folks and mums with kids. Why not 'tapau' teh tarik for the thirsty folks. Hey all they want to do is send a letter to the King. In some form or another he's going to find out wat the diddy anyway so why even bother to stop it? Turn it around and make it a PR exercise for the cops and the gommen - "its all good y'all, we just out on a Saturday walkabout with friends. Its all good!
Think we need to chill more. We all want the same thing. The ability to go out to a mamak at a god forsaken hour for teh halia and roti banjir without going through road blocks or mobs. The ability to come back from Singapore and say "damn, its good to be back", the ability to tell off your Chinaman friend that he's a cheap shit and your macha buddy that he's an India drama queen without looking over your shoulder in apprehension. We're a bunch of clowns all stuck here together. It wouldnt' be the same without one or the other. Seriously. Really.


Nex said...

Hey its ok, you still have me and Kal to call you a useless piece of rojak half breed.

We'll all migrate to NZ and set up an LOTR themed Nyonya Shark's Fin restaurant.

Chindiana said...

I'd prefer 'sweet vanilla mocha blended love machine' but hey whatever rocks your boat mountain man. (btw, Aunty Rose sends her regards. Damn you sure scared the Singaporeans on your last visit dude! haha!)

And can we change that LOTR joint to Nyonya Mutton Curry or something? More sheep ler...