Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Island Down Under

Here I am again in Singapore. Sandwiched between meeetings on Friday and tomorrow I tried to squeeze in Kelly's wedding in the afternoon but the rain and unavailability of cabs made that a scrapped plan. So close yet so far as I was about a 10 minute cab ride to the place where the solemmization was being held. I'll try to catch her tomorrow before my flight back for a quick coffee if she's not too hung over as she's one of the coolest friends I have and I'd still like to share this special time with her.

There seems to be more cars on the road here in Singapore. Even more ERP gantries being erected too! Singapore seems like its getting crowded fast and yet the government wants to increase the population another 2 million from the current 6 million! Its paying off if you're from the intelligentsia from mainland China. I hear PR/citizenship is easier to get as long as you're not a social misfit. Looks like they need to boost up the population artificially since the locals don't seem to want to shag for kids.

It's been quite frustrating as I'm used to driving around in KL and especially since its been raining non-stop here for the past 2 days, walking out to get a bus or cab is a pain in the ass. And the cab fares are not cheap too especially when we convert to Ringos. No booze for a month when I get back on Malaysian soil. Um... make it a week.

There seems to be queues everywhere! Queue for a cab, queue to get into restaurants and even queue to get into a Prada store! Damn, my Neanderthal Seremban colors are buzzing bright now...


ah lim said...

Rainy season lar friend. I agree taxis in Singapore are expensive, but what the heck they are certainly much better than our taxis here!

Nex said...

Well at least your taxi fare is claimable, no?

Hey their MRT is super convenient and cheap, why r u not using that?

Chindiana said...

Nex! RAINING ler! Cant even walk to bus station. plus no MRT nearby.