Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

She came back. Probably thought that last bomb was a fluke, some renegade clown with just a welcoming present or to make a statement at her arrival.

About an hour ago I shared a beer with a friend and talked about our plans for the next year. Also today 2 of my friends wanted to know how good a lover I am on Facebook while I had my first duck rice of the year somewhere in PJ.

Somewhere between the duck rice and beers the former Pakistani prime minister was shot twice and died in the hospital.

I had to read the headline 3 times before clicking on the link for more details. You don't believe it when things finally screw up on a large scale. We read with disinterest when a couple of recruits for the Iraqi security forces get blasted to bits but a former PM gets the headlines.

Where the fuck are we heading?


Nex said...

I know its shocking, but didn't we already see this coming a long time ago?

Sorry if I sound indifferent, but when someone put themselves in harm's way, its just a matter of time before it happens.

Wak This Way said...

It's interesting how news like this don't even make it into the top ten in Digg. I guess apart from Pakistan and anybody who might have an interest in Pakistan, she's just another dead person. The indifference I reckon comes as a consequence of too much exposure to death.

Chindiana said...

Nex, yeah it looked like she never thought it would happen to her. Surprising that a guy with a gun managed to get so close to her and not to miss with his two shots in a throng of body guards. And had enough time to get some distance before detonating the bomb (i assume this as she was rushed to hospital and not blasted to bits with the rest).

Wak! Everyone's too concerned about their little corner of the universe and they've lost the plot that if you turn a blind eye to the shit pile its going to only get bigger and bigger and collapse on your ass eventually.