Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bali Statues

The Balinese statues fascinate me. They share the same organic presence as the architecture around the island. Do you notice how all the stone, rocks and even volcanic rock make even the newest buildings look as if they've been standing for ages?

Since this was a solo trip and I was bored of Kuta, I decided to get it out of my system and started collecting some pictures.

First off, not ALL the statues you see around your hotels or streets in Bali are inspired by a god or mythical creature. After speaking to the staff and cab drivers it seems most of these characters are strictly decorational.

Most religious statues are normally only found around places of worship.

Although it does make we wonder how does one think up this hybrid Buddha/overfed Tweety Bird combo seen above.

Yeah, i thought there was some story behind one of the few human looking figures around but it seems he's just a regular flute blowing dude.

You're going to find fishes aplenty at your hotels especially if the sea near your hotel has lots of catch for fishermen.

The Monster Mash

Wonder what pissed him off? Anyway there are some statues I've seen of an elephant headed fish. That's a legendary character from the sea much like the Mer-Lion of Singapore.

Teenage Pissed Off Mutant Turtle?

This guard dog outside some villas is supposed to be a lion but it looks more like a hyena. But hey, lion or hyena you should be all good for the night.

Dragon/demon/lion thing

Guard Dragon. I just realised that all the 'guardians' are scary ass MoFos so what do the things that they are guarding us from look like?

I thought this was Buddha but was informed it was just a happy little fat dude.

This cool surfer god riding the stones waves outside a surf shop on the way to Jimbaran.

Gods and Mythical creatures

The Raksasha or demon guardian. Talking to a dude from the hotel he said black magic can also be used for good. But that cannot be good in the long term...

Dewa Ruci or Beema from the Hindu myths, the strongest of the 5 Deva brothers in the Mahabratha. I impressed my cab driver with my knowledge of Hindu Mythology. Beema here is seen wrestling with the dragon incarnation of the Balinese God Saeyang Widi (who is supposed to be the one main god on the island) who was putting the Deva through some tests. Guess they didn't believe in multiple answer quizzes back then...

The Satria Gototkaca statue - this awesome monument is also along the way to Jimbaran and shows Beema's bro, Arjuna taking on an Asura dude in the war of kin from the Mahabrattha. It looks to me they downplayed the charioter who in Hindu myths was the incarnation of the god Vishnu/Krishna. It cost about USD145,000 (just an approximation as I my memory is dulled by too much alchohol)

UPDATED 4.46PM, 25th Dec. 2007 - Only Eagle Eyed Ah Lim could have spotted this - the wheels on the chariot has threads! Balinese sense of humour or lack or reference material for the sculptors? Which then brings into question is this a real monument or something just for the tourists?
They detailing is fantastic. Enlarge pics for max effect.

Dewi Seri - Goddess for wealth and harvest.

Ganesha the Hindu God of knowledge and learning.

The unfinished copper plated Garuda, the mount of Vishnu at the Culture Park. I'll cover more on this at a later post.
And finally...

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Nex said...

Very cool statues! Any chance you can help me find out how much would a life size Vader statue cost to make, including shipping back here? :p

ah lim said...

Interesting statues. I noticed that the wheel on the chariot have threads like bicycles (in arjuna3 pic)... did they have rubber wheels back then?? :P

ah lim said...

Oh Ya, a Merry Merry Christmas to all of you!

Chindiana said...

Nex, the shipping would push back your home renovation a coupla years dude!

Ah Lim, you Eagle Eyed Cherry you! You're right! Looks like the the heroes of yore had their chariots Bridgestone sponsored! Anyone has the number to the Kuta/Jimbabaran council or tourism body?

ah lim said...

HAHAHA!!! sponsored by Bridgestone! haha... that was a good one.