Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bali on Bizness

I landed yesterday and met a buddy at the airport. He's here on biz too but the smarter of the two he's extended his stay after his meetings.

I'm now stuck in the biz center because the internet connection in my room doesn't work. The beach is 2 minutes walk from where i am and there are bikini clad females by the pool side who actually have flat stomachs and not the usual overweight German geriatric roasting under the sun that we are used to in our resort hotels back home. I have a meeting in an hour and another at 4pm and 2 more proposals to do. using the net here is slow and i'm restless because the breakfast was limp.

But it still nice outside. I will hit one of the beaches one of these days and have promised myself to catch a sunset with an ice cold beer at least every other evening. Got to run now. Happy holiday today you Malaysians!


Han Solo said...

This is probably too late and you're probably back in KL already but just in case you're not, you should check out Janet O'Neefe's restaurants, Casa Luna and Indus, for dinner. They do really good desserts.

Chindiana said...

Not quite back in KL yet as I'm here "solo" I 've been visiting quality establishments like some food at local nights markets, jimbaran sea food (overated) and The Bubba Gump Shrimp COmpany... Can't wait to 'run' back to KL for char kiew teow and some mutton curry!