Thursday, November 1, 2007

Top 5 Hottest Action Babes

I'm going Jantan today as I'm having massive lag time uploading the Hanoi pictures. Here's my Top 5 Action Babes of ALL time! Many a time these women were the reason I'd satisfy my juvenile need for T&A on the telly. Having a bit of violence made me categorize these shows as "sports entertainment" - storyline AND action(Word up Vinny Mac!)

Of course the sexy tummy above is Jen Garner aka Sydney Bristow! My stomach used to look like that once. Sorta. When some fool crashed into me studs forward in a football match. Made me feel like what's it like for a camel going through Cesarean without anesthesia. Apologies. Digression. Moving on...

This one I'm not sure who she is but I have seen her dating Brad. Must be some Pitt groupie.

SMG as The Buffster. Kicks more vampire ass than all ya Facebook freaks!

Jess Biel and NO she didn't act in Flashdance! Best booty ON THE FRIGGIN PLANET AND she can roundhouse kick all our pimply male butts!

Carrie Ann - the official bad ass babe in leather! And a little scary too. Think I just wet myself staring at that gun...
Special Props to the Classics!

Lynda Carter - these bustiers were made for bustin'!

Need I say more?

Erin Gray - those dimples man, you could land a star fighter in them! The ONLY reason to sit through that anal Buck Rogers and the pain-in-the-ass Twicky the frikkin tin Teletubby.

My fav Angel - Jacklyn Smith as Kelly Garret. Brains, hotness and she could judo flip me to heaven and back! Sigh.....


Han Solo said...

yup, Jennifer Garner and Carrie-Anne Moss do it for me. I love how they don't have to try too hard to look good. Mrs Pitt (to my untrained female eyes, lah) looked as though she had to work really hard and was constantly reminding herself to look tough and sexy in Mr&Mrs and Tomb Raider. My personal favourite is Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, esp in Aliens. Absolutely amazing.

Nex said...

Surprisingly, none of these women is in my top pick of female action stars. Jessica Biel & Carrie-Anne Moss are in my 'can-be-considered' list, but don't quite do it for me.

Jennifer Garner is 'OK', but she just seem too unbelievably over-the-top at times in Alias. And don't even get me started on 'Elektra'.

Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld series gets my vote, so does Peta Wilson, as Nikita. Peta looks so totally not trying in La Femme Nikita(since she's a reluctant assassin), which is what made her so cold, and so bleeding cool.

I also quite like Milla Jovovich. Though I wish she didn't do 'Ultraviolet'. She looks real good in UV, but the whole movie just sucked lemons...

Oh BTW here's what Jennifer Beals (AKA Alex from Flashdance) looks like now. Still a hot babe at 43/44 years of age!

Chindiana said...

Solo! How could I forget Ripley!!! My god, its official than, I'm one shallow mofo! - picking the babes above the lantern jawed Sigourney.

Nex! - In the origianl list it was a choice between Milla and Kate. Kate won out as Milla's shows seem more music videos and Kate's a bit more intense. Ultimately they lost out to Sydney Bristow and the rest as I spent more time watching them on screens big and small.