Sunday, December 2, 2007

Top 5 Hardest Things To Do

"Come guys, one for the road?"
It seems that the right things to do or say are always stuck at the back of our minds. Forever relegated to the darkest recesses of our consciousness by the seductive whisperings of vices that promise literally sweet NOTHINGS.
Below is my Top 5 Hardest Things to Do that I think plague us all!

1. Saying NO to "One for the Road? The bane of all 'kudikarans'!

2. Heeding our own advice that we give to friends. We dish out advise like a Ceylonese Aunty but when it comes to our turn we normally jump in grimly ignoring all the warning bells and sirens.

3. To listen more to our head and less to our hearts. Actually if we DID that, it would consign us to a life worthy of a boredom induced snooze fest!

4. To stop peeping into facebook during work to check for messages from 'Hot Friends'! You know you have to check if Hottie number 3 has hugged you today or sent a response to your dinner invitation while you blissfully ignore the fact that women will 'send' almost anything on facebook with as much real feeling as a week old cauliflower.

5. To actually pull off Avoid Staring At Cleavage and Focus on the Eyes without looking like a cross eyed baboon! Ladies, see what you put us through?

So what have I left out?


Nex said...

1. Not a problem for me since I don;t drink.

2. Sometimes. I mostly do as I preach.

3. Guilty. If I listened to my head I'd rich & retired with a huge villa in Bali.

4. I stopped logging into Facebook. Its just another soul-less, impersonal piece of crap, like MySpace & Friendster.

5. Remember you used to comment I don't acknowledge women? Well guess my technique for looking without being noticed works...he he he

What have you left out? How about spending money where it should be spent instead of where it shouldn't? Well I guess this can be lumped together with listening to our heads as well...

Checked out my blog lately? I wrote a post JUST FOR YOU my friend :)

Chindiana said...

Nex! Thanks for the post man. All that research! and just for me!Bet that bikini shot was hard to digest! haha!

Hey next time you're in KL you can put up at my place! i'll throw in breakfast too man!