Friday, November 16, 2007

Teluk Cempedak, Pahang

I've been stressed lately. I've got this major rant in my head but can seem to get the thoughts out in a coherent bitching session. So I'm posting these pics from 2 weeks ago when I was in Kuantan just to keep this blog warm till tomorrow when I unload a can of whoop ass on some idiotz!

So this is Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan, Pahang. The most deceiving piece of sea front real estate that I've ever seen. Driving up a road that ends with a McDonald's is not a good introduction to Kuantan's main beach. Its actually not bad and typical of the beaches on the East coast stretches as far and the eye can see.

As is normal the standard boardwalk for the locals who just seem happy to chill out in the shade. I have to admit it was too frikkin' hot to dip in the sea even at about 9.30am.

The standard Shop Selling Beach Front Crap.

The playground - The startling colours of the play area juxtaposed with the quite serenity of the hillside rudely reminds us that Malaysian designers are unimaginative or colourblind or both.

The scenic drain that quietly unloads 'some' stuff into the ocean...

I like this. The gangplank walkway action path that hugged the coastline and led to an adjacent beach. First time I've seen this on any beach.

Life, as rocks by a beach, to be caressed by the gentle touches of the warm sea only when the tide is high. Just like a 5 year old marriage. Hadiharhar! sorry.....

Final stretch to the other beach. Couldn't get the name for it. The whole walk takes about 15 minutes.

Lookout points. The only relief from the blazing sun.

The sea bed is supposedly treacherous it doesn't gradually decline into the sea but falls suddenly into deep water.

Not a bad place I guess for a first time tourist in Kuantan. but i hear that there are better party place which I MUST find soon for my next trip.


kelv said...

u know the end of the beach, where the rocks are? that's where the japs supposedly execute ppl when they invaded

Chindiana said...

Fuk.....because easy to wash into the sea? Damn man... I take it not a good place to go at night?