Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lap Top Gone Bye Bye

Yesterday 2 jokers walked into our new office and calmly walked out with 2 laptops and a hand phone. This is the second theft in our new office block in the same month which our trained personnel from building security failed to inform us earlier about. Security cameras caught 2 or 3 Indian fellers. 1 tall and 2 short. One fella had that stud in his ear.

I got back from a site recce and found just my power cable still plugged in and and empty space where my machine was sitting. The best part was even though it was lunch time there WERE people in the office. Sure there were some workers moving stuff around but it's amazing that they could move in unplug the laptops and move out undetected.

This is in the PJ area and a friend of mine had her laptop stolen from her car in SS2 and according to Bart another 2 more making it a total of 4 people we know in the space of a month. Oh, the other was in Taman Tun also from the car I think.

This however is not as scary as the Price Waterhouse Cooper's laptop stalker thieves who would tail the employees from the office to wherever they went and break into their cars if they forgot to take it out.

Well folks, looks like taking the lap top out of the car just isn't the only anti lap top theft remedy anymore. You'll have to glue the sucker to your ass!


Nex said...

Real sorry you lost your laptop dude! Is it your personal one or a company one?

Damn! These scumbags are now so bold as to just walk into offices and walk out with their loot??? And in broad daylight!!!

Time to either keep your laptop in a locked drawer or chain it to the desk when you leave the office!

Chindiana said...

company one. mine rarely leaves the home thank goodness.

Han Solo said...

What crappy news! It's good that your personal laptop wasn't stolen, but then stolen company property means additional cost for the company.

These people are very very smooth, they pretend to be workers moving stuff in/out and casually take whatever they want. My friend lost her handphone when we were moving out from our old premises.

And they also use a gadget to detect laptops inside cars.

Wak This Way said...

Sorry to hear bout the laptop. It's crap when things like this happen.

What gadget is this that detects laptop in cars by the way Han Solo?

Chindiana said...

Solo! Yeah smooth and cool. The office is still getting over how nonchalantly they walked around and everyone thought they were the guys moving the new partitions around.

Wak, I think it's the gadget that can detect the resonance from the battery pack in the laptop. If Nex reads this he might update as he's the mountain of endless information! Nex! you out there?

Chindiana said...

Ok just got back having late breakfast with Bart - its the LED battery that powers the internal clock in the laptop and not the main battery pack that emits the continues signature.

Nex said...

Sorry man, I didn't even know such a device existed, let alone what its call.

Did a quick search and this is an article I came across. Interesting reading.


As usual Malaysia's finest are waaaaay behind in the tech game as they're just as clueless as me...