Friday, November 30, 2007

Hug A Hooligan Today!

The European Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini wants to curb football violence by sending the thugs and skinheads for adventure activities like wall climbing and canoeing to generate a sporting spirit!

Holy Mollycoddle the Maniacs Batman! I thought we were inviting the mirth of gods and extra terrestrials alike when we decided to get sensitive with our Mat Rempits but it looks like even in Mat Salleh Land the urge of one upmanship prevails and they've put us Malaysians in our place by taking convict-material charity to a whole new level! Not enough they're a menace to society with broken bottles and Fists of Drunken Fury, now we're putting paddles in their hands and training them to scale over security barriers! Spiderman is thanking his lucky stars he's got a cushy job with the odd goblin and sotong waaaay over in the Big Apple.

But what the hell, every one needs some TLC right? Why not a knuckle dustered lout with the fighting rage of a blue balled pack of hyenas? We are all the world's children anyway so why not eh?

Yeah why not, go ahead, hug a hooligan today. Show them you care.

Go HERE for more of that fuzzy feeling!

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Han Solo said...

Wow, you're right, this is way over our Kempen Sayangilah Mat Rempit!! Fantastic stuff. The comments posted on the Telegraph news piece look strangely familiar, too..