Sunday, November 25, 2007

A1 Grand Prix Qualifying

By the time most of you guys read this the final results of the A1GP will probably be out. I was at the track yesterday for some informal meetings and managed to get some random shots in the Sepang International Circuit.

The Pangaea hospitality area above the paddocks. Classy wine and dine sector reserved for teams, sponsors and partners. Its run by the A1 folks and it's very European so feel free to ask for champagne and oysters anytime you're there.

SIC with A1 teams and their country flags.

Malaysian Alex Yoong flashes past the Portugese booth.
There's quite a lot of potential here in A1 especially when its dependent on skill then tech. It just needs a push to get folks behind it. It surprised me last year when the Malaysian team was fighting for positions in the top 5 and yet did not seem to get much coverage in the local media.

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