Monday, October 15, 2007


Inquiries on Pics of Tevez, Nani, etc
Anonymous! - Hey I couldn't trace any more pictures of the MU players at the Red Devil Airbus. Most of the AA crew have pictures but it's on their cameras but don't think they have posted anywhere for public viewing. Daniel who posted his shots from the trip did not have pics from that event. Man Utd TV filmed the event so if you do catch it wherever you are you might see some footage. AA might still use some of the shots for promotional use so watch out for it in the future.

News Reels
I added the news reels to the blog as I hardly have time to even go through the papers nowadays so figured I'd prob catch the main stuff on my blog. Strictly layan diri folks since you buggers are not buying my toys!

DJ Klang SC will be performing for one night only at Online Pub in Damansara Kim this coming Friday. The only DJ in Malaysia to specialise in Happy Hour Music! C'mon over and join the 'kudikarans'. Starts about 6 or 7pm depending on traffic.

5 acre Land for sale in Rantau, Negri Sembilan
Comes with stream and little pond. By the side of the Seremban-Rantau trunk road. Good for holiday home/hippie commune/. RM500K.

Upcoming contest for 5,000th visitor to the blog.
First prize - a beautiful Rainbow Bowl! HAHA! Ok, will look for some better prizes but don't moan if it's nothing fancy as this is STILL not a sponsored site (I'm just having fun here!) ETA in bout 2 weeks.


as lim said...

eh, the Rainbow bowl can be used for fruit punch or in your case alcoholic fruit punch heehee!

Chindiana said...

Wei, leave off the alcoholism...