Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Place, Manchester

The Place service apartments on Ducie Street in Manchester is one of the most unique places I've stayed in in Manchester. Of course I've had both ends of the spectrum having stayed at the Lowry Hotel (creme de la creme - approx 300 pounds per night) to the sorta functional effectiveness of the Portland Street Travel Lodge (approx 50 pounds per night).

I love it because this over 100 year old building which during World War 2 served as a warehouse for munitions and weapons has been lovingly given a new lease of life. The classic exterior houses an interior of tasteful steel and glass.

The apartments we booked were going at a rate of 200 pounds a night with 2 rooms. With the extremely Mat Salleh sized couches you could fit in a max of 2 couples and 2 more in the place.

All apartments vary a little in size and layout but you get the picture. Comes with washer, dryer, full kitchen appliances and most surprisingly to Malaysians, a full set of cutlery that hadn't been nicked!

Wide enough ledges to sit at the window with a good bottle of wine and some Marvin Gaye in the background. Although the view will probably be a drunk Englishman trying to piss in the nondescript canal out back.

The sizes of the beds were a little weird - about one and half of a queen size. Definitely not for sharing for those who roll around the bed like injured Italian footballers.

Its 7 minutes walk to Piccadilly Park and about 10 to Arndale Mall and about 15 minutes to the Hard Rock and the Eye of Manchester. I think I've found my base in Manchester the next time I hit town on business. Highly recommend.

Note - our bus driver warned us against walking right of the hotel entrance as there were some know troublemakers hanging around that area at nights.


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