Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Therapy Discovered I Have

Small quantities try this you must. Relaxed mind a little I find. Especially good this is after reading contracts or financial reports you have. Gift from me to you it is. Treasure it and remember me you must. Presents for my Christmas tree you must send. The personal contact details of Hannah Tan I crave.

Moments of utter childishness we need. Fresher perspective of life it gives. Best attempted after 3 pints of Guinnes you have consumed and free and silly like Jack Sparrow you feel. Trust me you must. Honest I am. Now credit card details email me you will. Include 3 numbered security code at back you must. Or else Moron I will name you.

"Dude, we need to get directions from someone else. I don't get a word he's saying and he smells of old people."
*Picture and toys property of Chindiana Trails

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Han Solo said...

Brilliant pic! Almost didn't notice Yoda there cos he blended in so well