Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Top 5 Fortean Encounters

Halloween is in a couple of hours away so I figured it would be the best time to share some of the weird stuff that I have seen or experienced over the years.

I'd be lying out of my arse if I was to say I didn't believe in things that go bump in the night but I wont say i specifically believe in a certain phenomenon. I'm just going to leave it that there are things out there I have yet to understand.

So here goes:

1.Light under the sun
I'm still in school Its a looooooooog while back. Dinosaurs still rule the earth when I come back in the evening. I get off the bus and run up to my grandparents house who live next door. I used to love photographing sunsets in those days and on that day it was a stunner. The sun was red and the sky was glowing a simmering burn. I ran back, grabbed the camera and got up to the balcony. When I started adjusting the second shot I noticed a shining orb under the sun. It was very, very bright light so that it wasn't overpowered by the angry red sun in the background. It just stayed stationary just below the sun. It was not Mars or Venus as it was still too early and the sun was still much to bright for any of the planets to represent itself. I kept hearing that sometimes shining lights these are the rays of light bouncing of satellites in orbit around Earth. For me, I put it down to don't tell anyone about it when I looked up after winding the camera and the orb had disappeared.

2. Tree Tales
I ran a lot in the estates in Seremban those long days ago. It gave me freedom. Especially when the rubber estates gave way to the palm oil estates where the view was better and there were clear streams I could follow along. One day at about 7am, a friend and I had set out for an early run. We were taking it easy but still kept a good pace just looking out for the occasional snake that would be crossing the path. We turned a corner, a corner we had taken many, many times before...

All I remember was both of us, scrambling to a panic stricken stop. I know I shouted something and my buddy also echoed it. We bolted back up the path back from where we came. After we turned back around the corner we stopped. Both suddenly panting from the adrenalin. "What the fuk!...Fuk..man.......

Fuk it bro, this is our turf, We grew up here. I'm going back - I saw myself saying this in a weird out of body moment. Bravery in numbers is the cowards motto and my friend was bigger than me. Plus I had explored every bit of this estate alone and sometimes with my dogs and nothing had scared me this shitless.

We turned the corner and my friend barked out a sudden laugh. A branch had half-broken off a tree and hung limply in the middle of the path. The leaves waving gently in the morning breeze. Uneasy laughter.

We walk past the branch.

"Fuk shit..... I thought I saw a long haired lady." I mumbled.

"Did she wave at us?" my friend asked quietly.

We both then proceeded to break the unofficial Seremban cross country record as we realized we didn't tell each other what we saw.

3. PD Sea Monster
Another encounter via athletic adventures. It was off season for state athletics. 3 of us drove down to Port Dickson for beach runs. We finished about evening and were sitting down on the sand watching the sun set.

The tide was coming in fast and the sea was a golden reflection of the setting sun. Suddenly something broke the surface. All we saw was a black scaly shape break the water. It had small fins on it. We couldn't see the head. It almost like putting a tire in water and rolling it - you see it moving and moving without end except in this case it would sink completely and resurface closer to shore. We stood up and got closer and the shape moved closer to shore. We were alone on the beach except for some unexpected Swedish tourist (this is in itself a rare occasion!) In true Mat Salleh style one of the guys grabbed a camera and wadded into the water while his friends shouted out instructions to him where it had moved to. As soon as the guy got almost waist deep, the rolling shape moved back into the sea.

I would think it was just some old very very large tire from some mega-truck except that I saw the scales and the fins and also it moved AWAY from the Swede when he got into the water.

4. Laughing Kid
I think it was in a small hotel in Penang. Shit budget from Nike in those days and we ended staying in a aircondless dive. We Asians get this sometimes when sleeping. You want to wake up but can't. The heavy weight on your chest and all. This time around it scared the piss out of me as when I struggled awake I heard the sound a a child's laugh drifting out the open window.

5. Dark Dream
I've travelled quite a bit and spent quite a fair bit of time in smaller older hotels. The stories are just crazy - all hotels have that ONE problem room, don't stay in rooms at the end of the corridor,etc. I've had minor stuff happen but nothing really dramatic unlike my sister and her experiances as a stewardess in the hotels of HOng Kong ( i understand the Hong Kong Hotels are the most 'active')

This one incident made me start sleeping with at least one light on in any hotel room I'm in. I think it was Bintulu. I was with Nike. We had flown in early and had a meeting later in the evening. My colleague and I checked into this small hotel. I was knackered and went to sleep.

I started dreaming and suddenly felt like I was being dragged down into some crazy black hole. I tried to wake up but couldn't. Struggling to open my eyes I saw my colleague next to me in his shorts smoking his Marlboro's. He was so bored that he had given up his Chinaman prejudices and was watching a Tamil movie on the TV.

I was being dragged further down in dreamland and suddenly was overwhelmed by a feeling of dread which kept getting darker and darker. I knew whatever was at the bottom was not Santa Claus. This I'm saying it because it's true at the expense of my manhood. At I think 23 I subconsciously called out to my mom. I felt that helpless and scared, all the while smelling the cigarette smoke and the sounds of Tamil conversation from the TV. Nothing happened and I think in Dreamland I shat my pants. Something made me call out to my grandmother who had passed away. Suddenly and almost immediately I felt something warm around me and I was gently pulled out of the darkness and into the late afternoon light of our small room. I woke up shouting at my startled colleague. We changed rooms after I told him he was a fuking cockhead for not having my back. (yeah I know it wasn't his fault)


Nex said...

Wow, the 'Dark Dream' one made my skin crawl...and this happened in broad daylight in the late afternoon?


Good thing your grandma got your back.

Chindiana said...

Ya man, Grandma always needed to look out for her young troublemaker even after she had left us.

Han Solo said...

When I went to boarding school years ago, I woke up at 3am one morning to go to the bathroom. My room was at one end of the building and the loo was right at the other end, so it was a bit of a walk. When I got out of my dorm, I looked out casually over the balcony (I was three stories up) and saw this massive black dog beside my building, standing on the grass, looking up at me. What was creepy was that when I saw it, it was already looking up at me. It didn't hear me, and THEN look my way, if you guys know what I mean. And you know animals, they don't really stare, they just glance at you then go back to washing themelves or whatever. This dog was seriously staring at me as I walked towards the loo. This kind of freaked me out so I turned away for two seconds. When I turned back, it was gone. Neither was it there anymore on my way back to the dorm. I remember thinking it must've been a huge 'dog' (i doubt it was a real one) because it looked big even at that distance high up.

Chindiana said...

Ok, that officially gave me goose bumps!

I take it this was in UK? - always here bout these black dogs in UK or near the moors etc.

Must be where Doyle got his inspiration for the Mutt from Baskerville.

Han Solo said...

nope, this was in TKC in....(drum rolls) Seremban, woohoo!! [this is when you should start swelling with pride :-)]. It was just creepy how its eyes followed where I went.

Chindiana said...

Seremban? TKC? What the??? Wonders never cease!