Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Singapore

I made a mad day trip dash into Singapore on Saturday to catch up with an old friend and returned as usual still amazed at how close we are yet we're still so vastly different in mentality and outlook with our southern neighbours. Here are just some bits (besides bangers and mash readily available in most pubs and restaurants!):

A Single Dude's Boss Buys Hims a Wife!

In Malaysia they try to shaft you on EPF and start getting penny wise and calculative on working hours and public holidays but on the island down under the boss buys her still single staff a Vietnamese bride as a reward for long and loyal service! Best of all the employer takes the time to go and pick Wifey out of the lineup! Haven't read our local papers yet so this could already been picked up but go HERE for more details if you haven't read it yet.

Singaporean Men's Mags - The Flesh, The Flesh!

So nice, finally I get to see Asian hotties in all their airbrushed glory. As I've said before, with all these mags and sexpot-ness proliferating the island republic I STILL DON"T see any maniacs going around raping little girls, their daughters or the family goat.

Creating New Business/Property Hubs

The illustration above shows the super exclusive development hub of the upcoming Reflections at Keppel Bay. They just keep building and building don't they? And nothing seems to fall into disrepair. Older buildings are refurbished and the property values shoot up again. And its all tastefully or radically designed or both. Urban planing is for real and not just a phrase word thrown around like anti-missile flares. Property values are sky high (although it seems to finally have plateaued). Investment in properties can get you 50-100% returns in a year if you're lucky. Over here my little apartment has increased RM40K in 7 years. Ai-fukin-YO!

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