Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We landed early this morning. The charter took about 20 hours, 3 hours shorter than scheduled although we we held up for almost 2 hours at Karachi airport when the airport dudes turned up back at the plane with the wrong flight plan and had to go back and get the right one. Like last year the dude with the automatic weapon was stationed at the foot of the staircase in case some foolish Malaysia decided to bolt for freedom in cheery Pakistan.

As I type this I've been having a leaky nose for the past 36 hours. We're checked into this service apartment that is charging an exorbitant 30 pounds for 5 days use. Well pricey when you unwisely subconsciously start converting currency.

Tomorrow we've got tickets for the MU v Roma match and then get to go to MU training ground at Carrington on Wednesday. Thursday sees AirAsia hosting some kids from the MU charity program for joy rides in AA's Red Devil Airbus A320. It should be fun as soon as I get my nose to stop pissing me off.

Will upload some hurriedly taken pictures tomorrow.

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