Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Manchester 2

Here are some pictures of the flight of the Red Devil. I was on the AirAsia special charter flight that flew the football team, production crew of the MyTeam football reality show and media to Manchester to play a friendly match with the Ron Atkinson Academy.

The had to stop over in Karachi, Pakistan and Lanarka(wrong spelling I think) in Cypress to re-fuel. The journey took 20 hours. It was less painful than last year when i made the same journey.

Just some random shots around Manchester till i can sort out my pictures and get onto a friendlier laptop to upload the shots.

This is around the Picaddily Park area near the Arndale Shopping Center where all the Malaysians from the trip seemed to congregate on.

Yeah, I dropped by this place too to see some old friends and to try to find some stuff for SC and Lee Mei.

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