Thursday, October 18, 2007

DJ Klang SC Session Postponed

Just a quick notice the session by the Happy Hour DJ Klang MC scheduled tomorrow at Online Pub in Damansara Kim has been postponed indefinitely due to her work commitments.

Also update on 5,000th hit - at this rate it will be sometime next Friday. Prizes so far:

1. Rainbow Fruit Bowl - new and magical from the land of Seremban. Captures light and transmorgifies it into the colours of the rainbow!

2. Original Malaysian National Team Jersey (L) size. Declare your loayalty to fighting against the odds to regain past glories!

3. Original Nike T-shirt with some slogan on it (M size) so it can fit most women as a baju tidur

4. Oil of Ulay moisturizing cream - for the women, girls and metrosexuals among you.

All products are new and unopened from packaging except the teddy that comes as is.

*Does not include cost of shipping or delivery
**Prizes to be collected by hand in KL, Selangor or Seremban
***Whiners and moaners are not eligible to win any of these stuff!



Bart August said...

I nak Malaysian Jersey!

Nex said...

No more vouchers for restaurant/spa? :P

Chindiana said...

Bart! Why do I have this feeling that you're going to do some unmentionables with that jersey?

Nex! always want more right? the closests you're going to get to a restaurant vouchwe is me making Maggi soup for you in my apartment.

Nex said...

Ok lah, I'll settle for the 'Rainbow Bowl'.

Fill that sukka up with Maggie!