Friday, October 19, 2007

Bloody Hell, Ironic Innit?

Somehow I knew this was going to happen! After posting something positive about women, one of their species just reminds me there is no love lost in Love and War. Nex, you fuker, you must be gloating after this!

So, I'm just back from a bar. Old and new friends meet in a rojak of Happy Hour booze and stale peanuts. The youngest female in the group happens to be pretty and vivacious. She's hugging almost every guy there and getting closer to the one or two of the rest.

By virtue of being the agony aunt to most of the women, I know her issues. She's been treated badly in her last relationship and there was no reason that she should be enjoying the company of men at this point.

One of the younger guys seemed to like her (obviously) after her attentions. He was obviously taken up and I couldn't help asking "whassup?

"I feel like it"

"But I think he's beginning to get turned on or he's beginning to like you"

And here's the bit folks:

"That's not my problem."

It was about her. The bottom line that's always there flitting around like a flaky uncertain ghost behind every women's consciousness - that selfish assurance that the world sings to their beat.

This is what gets them what they want on a good day and also, what hurts them the most even if they can see that massive 18 wheeler of hurt hurtling towards on the Highway of Love/Expectations/Whatever...

And the games.......... the inexplicable need to make stupid, insensitive and ultimately clueless men read subtle messages after 10 jugs of watered down beer:

She walked out suddenly with one of the guys who she was hugging for the most part of the night. So the compulsory snicker session started when the dude didn't come back in. And then I get a call - " I was expecting YOU to walk me out..."

Nex, I know what you're going to say so stow it. This is so old and cliched its not even funny anymore. I've gone through all these games in my life. I've even been the guy who walked them to the car even if I wasn't supposed to be the One. It just astounds me that women, incredibly smart beings that they are can be consumed by their inane feelings of self preservation and belief.

Most guys (in an 'heng tai' environment) will not do anything to a women if his friend(s) is keen on her. There were at least 2 of them in this case. If there was some effort to respect the rules of the game among the company you keep there would be subtler ways of getting the message across. Definitely NOT flat our exhibitionism.

Oh well, i guess if we DID think alike this would be an uncomfortably boring world wouldn't it?


Nex said...

Gloat, gloat, gloat, gloat...

Snicker, snicker, snicker, snicker...

Go back to savouring my new toy...

Wak This Way said...

Let's not generalise. Not all women are smart and we don't need them to be either.

Chindiana said...

Touche Wak, touche!