Sunday, October 14, 2007


Ok, this is the last bits from my latest UK trip. I was always fascinated by the works of UK street/guerrilla artist Banksy. I found a book of his works in Arndale Mall going for about 15pounds. Since it was my last day in town and 14 pounds bought me 6 Coronas I put the book down, promised to check out his stuff on the Web and happily rolled down Booze Boulevard. The picture above of the girl with balloons in on the Palestinian/Israeli West Bank wall.

His artwork is mainly graffiti based but there are some oil paintings and modern art stuff that he does. He's done stuff all over the world. They're mainly anti-war, pro freedom, anti environmental pollution, etc. Enlarge the pics for max appreciation.

Artist at work. I think this is also on the West Bank wall.

Protest against bad music - Banksy redesigned the cover and remixed Paris' songs on 500 CD's and placed them in HMV(if memory serves me right) outlets in the UK. Check out the titles on the 'new' songs in the album.

He's popular with the stencil style as it helps him work fast in normally controversial surroundings.



Flower Chucker

God gets busted

Fall of Man


Queen V

Not sure of this disturbing piece but the girl in the middle is the image taken from that famous photo during the Vietnam War where the Americans hit a village with chemical weapons. The girl was one of the few hit. Can't remember her name though. Help anyone?

UPDATED 12.27am, 15th October2007 - Thanks to Nex! The girl is Phan This Kim Phuc and it was napalm used on her village. Here's the actual picture above for reference.

Title - Crude Oil. Medium - Oil paints. Brilliant!

Window Lovers.

The Ratapult - One of my favourites. Enlarge it for its full detail and meaning. I like the cape on the 'lil feller. Can't we all just get along?

Solo, Nex and S'wak! Just for you!

Pee-ing Guard.



Water Lillies

Some may not get it but I still think these are just some of the best creative ways to get people's attention to support causes. Shock tactics will work more effectively than sugar coated Rah-rah messages that are lost in this incredibly fast paced and selfish world.

For more on the dude you can head on over to


Nex said...

The girl's name is Phan Thị Kim Phúc. The chemical weapon was Napalm. Nasty stuff! Good for getting rid of rats in underground sewage tunnels though...

Thanks for the one with the AT-AT & AT-ST. Saw it before somewhere, but never knew who's the author till now.

Chindiana said...

Nex! Somehow I had a feeling you might have the answer! What the hell man? Are you sitting on some massive data base in KK?

Nex said...

YES! Its call Google!!! :D

I actually had it in my mind to try and locate and visit Kim Phúc during my recent trip to Hanoi. However the village where she came from, Trảng Bàng, in the province of Tây Ninh in south Vietnam, is just too far away from Hanoi, and would have required the whole trip just to get there and back. And I had no way to find out if she'd still be living there, or is still alive. She's in fact one year older then me.

Chindiana said...

I can tell you this much dude - I read last year that she's in the US now.

Yeah la I tried google-ing 'vietnam war girl' and 'contraversial vietnam photo girl' and ended up getting porn sites!

Han Solo said...

brilliant pics!! I love the AT-AT of course, that scene of them walking across Hoth is one of my favourites :-)

Chindiana said...

Ah Solo, your inner geek doth shine through!