Thursday, October 25, 2007

5 Prizes Up for Grabs

The Site Meter on the right of the page below the toys for sale is at 4,972 now. So anyone can check it out today or tomorrow and if you're between the 5,000th to 5,005 visitor leave a comment with your position. Yes a lot of trust is going into this unsophisticated mechanism. Recap of prizes:

1. Malaysian Original Nike Jersey
2. Oil of Ulay Moisturiser
3. Rainbow Fruit Bowl (haha!)
4. Nike T-shirt
5. Hard Rock Cafe Manchester Collectible Hurricane Drink Glass. First come first serve. Also delivery free to Singapore if you are willing to wait about 2 months. Hand to hand so you'll have to meet me on my next trip there! Enjoy!

I'd like to send out my HUGE appreciation to you folks for dropping by this rant fest of random thoughts from a Neanderthal clown from Seremban.


bart august said...

jersey. mine? hahahah.

Nex said...

WooHoo! I'm the 5,000th visitor!!!