Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nice Gift

I came across this monstrosity when I was cleaning out one of my cupboards in the guest room. This picture does justice to this rainbow glass effect fruit bowl. Its one of those things that get rainbow colored at varying angles.

It was given to me by an elderly relative. Bless her. She thought it was nice. I can't seem to find a place for this thing. At least she meant well. But over the years I've gotten some stuff that is evidence enough that friends are just keeping me warm so they can either try to get them free Nikes, airline tickets and toys or borrow money from me (highly unlikely as I'm not exactly rolling in it).

I'd prefer abstinence instead of charity from folks in this case. My Top 5 inexplicable gifts from friends and family:

1. Football Association of Malaysia coffee mug (sigh...)

2. A Titanic movie poster (what the fuk man...???)

3. A hardcover copy of Shindler's List (obviously I fooled someone into thinking I was a sensitive intellectual)

4. Postcards of kittens from Hong Kong

5. A heavy duty outdoor emergency whistle (actually the intentions were pure but we'll, I haven't taken it out of the box for the past 5 years)

So to maintain the balance of the universe I'm trying to stockpile the gifts below for 'special' people and also for the folks in tomorrow's post as well.

Here goes:

Finger nose hair trimmer.

Mother Theresa breath spray. Makes you smell like saint!

X-ray travel bag.

Cassette Bag.

Tiki tissue box.
By the way, anyone want a Rainbow Fruit Bowl?


Bart said...

Don't forget the MP3 player that you never use! Sniff sniff....

Chindiana said...

woi! dont ler merajuk like a school girl. I opened it up yesterday. Going to use it for UK trip.

Happy? Now need to find time for downloading some tunez.

And yes, thank you very much. its one of the coolest gifts I've received!